Choice Architecture

Today’s science of marketing presumes the human as an ultra rational and logical being. This is why the solutions to marketing problems are sought solely in research models, patterns, figures, and graphs only to continuously fail.

Yet the main pillar of Behavior Institute, “behavioral economics”, indicates that emotionality is at the forefront compared to logic when it comes to our economic decisions like buying.

We now know that the consumer is nurtured by his prejudices, sentiments, and mental shortcuts instead of being rational when making decisions about the product or the service.

We also know that models, which overlook psychological factors and consider the human as a rational being that makes only rational decisions, are not sustainable.

Brands, which cannot make a sustainable impact, try to fill the gap by spending more on the media. However, the consumer, bombarded as a result of this process, stakes a stronger claim on his attitude rather than changing it. That’s why it is wise to focus on behavior under circumstances where the consumer defends his attitude.

Behavior Institute is focused on changing the behavior, not the attitude.

“Behavior Architects” –as we call our Strategists- take any environment where consumers make choices, analyze various kinds of data and redesign that environment in a way that facilitates decision making in favor of the brand.

All the solutions developed by our brand architects aim to change the consumer’s behavior rather than changing his attitude.