Behavioral Solutions

Our approaches are led from the bottom to up big data, not the top down approach. Behavior Institute produces context, not content. We believe that channels matter as much as the brand and tend to focus on channel solutions.

The beauty of our behavioral solutions is that it often doesn’t feel like marketing—it feels like fun for the targeted.

Brand Positioning - Blueprint of your brand to ensure its effectiveness and activate consumers –that’s why we call our Brand House modelling as PowerOn.

Market Mix Modelling - Involves the use of multiple regression techniques combined with behavioral data to help predict the optimal mix of marketing variables.

Discourse Architecture - The brand-consumer interaction really begins after the advertisement. During this process, the call-to-action potential of the discourse it has developed towards the consumer, are evaluated and revised. 

Point of Sale Solutions - Decision maps drawn. Bottlenecks identified. Areas of intervention determined. The areas where there exists a high potential to change a behavior get prioritized.

Grassroot Marketing - The idea of deep wave marketing is to directly connect with the most logical potential customers.

Product and Service Innovations - Creating zero marginal cost economy products and innovations.

Action Planning Roadmap - The long term strategic action plan and work items: Functional channel solutions, product and/or innovation ideas are generated according to the strategical approach –which can be integrated to all possible channels and/or touchpoints.